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Dick Curtis
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Vengeance indienne (Rose of Cimarron) 1952
Cyclone sur le rail (Roar of the Iron Horse) 1951
Coup de vent (Whirlwind) 1951
Covered Wagon Raid 1950
Navajo Trail Raiders 1949
California Gold Rush 1946
Les mémoires d'un condamné (Lawless Breed / Lawless Clan) 1946
Santa Fe Uprising 1946
Chant d'Arizona - Chant d'Arizona (Song of Arizona) 1946
Cavalcade vers l'Ouest (Wagon wheels westward) 1945
Spook Town 1944
Cowboy in the Clouds 1943
Les Cavaliers de l'Ouest (Riders of the Northwest Mounted) 1943
Tombstone: The Town Too Tough to Die 1942
Vengeance of the West 1942
Cyclone d'Arizona (Arizona cyclone) 1941
Gardez vos larmes (Stick to Your Guns) 1941
Blazing Six Shooters 1940
Ragtime Cowboy Joe 1940
Contrebande au Texas (The Round up) 1940
Le Courrier du Texas (Texas stagecoach) 1940
Trois Hommes Du Texas - 3 Hommes du Texas (Three Men from Texas) 1940
Les loups hurlent / Terreur Indienne (Overland with Kit Carson) 1939
Riders of Black River 1939
L'attaque de la diligence (The Thundering West) 1939
L'Appel des rochers (Call of the Rockies) 1938
Rawhide 1938
Rio Grande 1938
Bar-Z Bad Men 1937
Boothill Brigade 1937
A Lawman Is Born 1937
La Terreur du far-west / Le ranch sous la lune (Moonlight on the Range) 1937
One Man Justice 1937
L'appel des rochers (Outlaws of the Prairie) 1937
Code of the Mounted 1935
Le Courrier du Grand Nord (Wilderness mail) 1935

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