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Spencer Gordon Bennet
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Biographie CineFaniac
Chasseur de primes (The Bounty Killer) 1965
Le Glas du Hors-la-Loi (Requiem for a Gunfighter) 1965
Blazing the Overland Trail 1956
Perils of the Wilderness / Gun Emperor of the Northwest 1956
Gunfighters of the Northwest 1954
Riding with Buffalo Bill 1954
La Levée des Tomahawks - La Levée des Tomahawks (Brave Warrior) 1952
Son of Geronimo: Apache Avenger 1952
Cyclone sur le rail (Roar of the Iron Horse, Rail-Blazer of the Apache Trail / Roar of the Iron Horse) 1951
Défi à la mort - Bill Cody Cavalier Eclair (Cody of the Pony Express) 1950
King Of The Forest Rangers 1946
The Phantom Rider / Ghost Riders of the West 1946
Le Fils de Zorro (Son of Zorro) 1946
Beneath Western Skies 1944
Mojave Firebrand 1944
Tucson Raiders 1944
Zorro le vengeur masqué (Zorro's Black Whip) 1944
Calling Wild Bill Elliott 1943
La Vallee des Hommes Perdus (The Valley of Vanishing Men) 1942
Buck le tueur / Gentleman carabine (The Gunman from Bodie / Gun Man from Bodie) 1941
Arizona Bound 1941
Across the Plains 1939
Westbound Stage 1939
Law of the Ranger 1937
Ranger Courage 1937
The Rangers Step In 1937
Reckless Ranger 1937
Le Torrent justicier (Avenging Waters) 1936
The Cattle Thief 1936
Heroes of the Range 1936
Rio Grande Ranger 1936
The Unknown Ranger 1936
Western Courage 1935
The Black Ghost 1932
The Last Frontier 1932
Rogue of the Rio Grande 1930

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