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George Archainbaud
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Les Chercheurs d'or (Goldtown ghost riders) 1953
Last of the Pony Riders 1953
On Top of Old Smoky 1953
Pack Train 1953
Winning of the West 1953
Barbed Wire 1952
Blue Canadian Rockies 1952
Apache Country 1952
Night Stage to Galveston 1952
The Old West 1952
Wagon Team 1952
Border Treasure 1950
Sinister Journey / Two Gun Territory 1948
Le Faux paradis (False paradise) 1947
Fool's Gold 1947
Hoppy's Holiday 1947
Royal l'étalon bagarreur (King of the Wild Horses) 1947
Les Maraudeurs (The Marauders / King of the Range) 1947
Le Conflit du silence (Silent conflict) 1947
Le mystérieux visiteur (Unexpected Guest) 1947
The Devil's Playground 1946
The Big Bonanza 1944
Un mystère au Far West (Mystery Man) 1944
Les Masques du Texas / Les cavaliers de la nuit (Texas masquerade) 1944
La loi du Far West (The Woman of the Town) 1943
Faux papiers (False colors) 1943
La justice du lasso (Hoppy Serves a Writ) 1943
Le Cavalier du Kansas (The Kansan) 1943

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