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Ted Adams
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Kansas Territory 1952
The Vanishing Outpost 1951
Abilene Trail 1951
Hills of Oklahoma 1950
J'ai tué Géronimo (I Killed Geronimo) 1950
Law of the Panhandle 1950
Gun Runner 1949
Haunted Trails 1949
Navajo Trail Raiders 1949
Stallion Canyon 1949
Back Trail 1948
Gunning for Justice 1948
Overland Trails 1948
Quick on the Trigger 1948
La Loi du Cavalier (Code of the Saddle) 1947
Vengeurs du Sud (Raiders of the South) 1947
Range Beyond the Blue 1947
Under Colorado Skies 1947
Vigilantes of Boomtown 1947
Gentlemen du Texas (Gentleman from Texas) 1946
Stagecoach to Denver 1946
La route maudite (Tumbleweed Trail) 1946
Sous le ciel d'Arizona (Under Arizona skies) 1946
Daredevils of the West 1943
Billy le Bagarreur (The Kid Rides Again / Billy the Kid Rides Again) 1943
Billy the Kid's Smoking Guns 1942
King of the Stallions 1942
Outlaws of Boulder Pass 1942
Billy the Kid's Range War 1941
The Lone Rider in Frontier Fury 1941
Thunder Over the Prairie 1941
Le vengeur (Billy the Kid Outlawed) 1940
Frontier Crusader 1940
A cent contre un (Pinto Canyon) 1940
Le Pirate (Wild Horse Valley) 1940
Three Texas Steers / Danger Rides the Range 1939
Le roi de la prairie (El Diablo Rides) 1939
Bob la bagarre (The Pal from Texas) 1939
Cavalier sans peur (Riders of the Sage) 1939
Six-Gun Rhythm 1939
Texas Wildcats 1939
Trigger Fingers 1939
Lightning Carson Rides Again 1938
Pals of the Saddle 1938
La vallée des ruffians (Rustlers' Valley) 1937
Smoke Tree Range 1937
Border Caballero 1936
La piste poudreuse (Trail dust) 1936
The Law of 45's 1935
Gunfire 1934
Battling Buckaroo 1932
La Vallée des Fantômes (Ghost Valley) 1932
Les mousquetaires de l'Ouest (Cavalier of the West) 1931

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