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Smiley Burnette
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Goldtown Ghost Riders 1953
On Top of Old Smoky 1953
Pack Train 1953
Winning of the West 1953
The Hawk of Wild River 1952
Junction City 1952
The Kid from Broken Gun 1952
Laramie Mountains / Mountain Desperadoes 1952
The Rough, Tough West 1952
Smoky Canyon 1952
Fort Savage Raiders 1951
The Kid from Amarillo 1951
Pecos River 1951
Ridin' the Outlaw Trail 1951
Snake River Desperadoes 1951
Across the Badlands 1950
Frontier Outpost 1950
Raiders of Tomahawk Creek 1950
Streets of Ghost Town 1950
Trail of the Rustlers 1950
Horsemen of the Sierras / Remember Me 1949
Laramie (Laramie) 1949
Quick on the Trigger 1948
Whirlwind Raiders 1948
Trail to Laredo 1948
Les rôdeurs de la prairie (Prairie Raiders) 1947
South of the Chisholm Trail 1947
L'étranger de Ponca City (The Stranger from Ponca City) 1947
A l'Ouest de Dodge City (West of Dodge City) 1947
Durango justicier du désert (The Desert Horseman / Checkmate) 1946
Durango le mystérieux (Gunning for Vengeance / Jail Break) 1946
Heading West 1946
Beneath Western Skies 1944
Call of the Rockies 1944
Beyond the Last Frontier 1943
Idaho 1943
Le roi des cow-boys (King of the Cowboys) 1943
Silver Spurs 1943
Les cloches de Capistrano (Bells of Capistrano) 1942
Heart of the Golden West 1942
Back in the Saddle 1941
Sur la route de Mexico (Down Mexico Way) 1941
The Singing Hill 1941
Fiesta à Mexico (Under Fiesta Stars) 1941
Carolina Moon 1940
Dans le vieux Colorado (Gaucho Serenade) 1940
Blue Montana Skies 1939
South of the Border 1939
Le Retour de Billy Le Kid (Billy the Kid Returns) 1938
Man from Music Mountain 1938
The Old Barn Dance 1938
Le cow-boy chantant (Under western stars / Washington cowboy) 1938
Western Jamboree 1938
Boots and Saddles 1937
Git Along, Little Dogies 1937
Springtime in the Rockies 1937
Far West Melody (The Big Show) 1936
Police frontière (The Border Patrolman) 1936
Comin' Round the Mountain 1936
Ride Ranger Ride 1936
L'empire des fantômes - La Reine de l'empire fantôme (The Phantom Empire / Gene Autry and the Phantom Empire) 1935

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