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LeRoy Mason
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California Firebrand 1948
Roy à la rescousse (The Gay Ranchero) 1948
Apache Rose 1947
Under Colorado Skies 1947
Home on the Range 1946
King Of The Forest Rangers 1946
Le Cavalier fantôme (The Phantom rider / Ghost riders of the West) 1945
Beneath Western Skies 1944
Hands Across the Border 1944
Mojave Firebrand 1944
Outlaws of Santa Fe 1944
Song of Nevada 1944
La Diligence de Monterey (Stagecoach to Monterey) 1944
Tucson Raiders 1944
Vigilantes of Dodge City 1944
Blazing Guns 1943
Le policier bandit (Bandit Ranger) 1942
The Silver Bullet 1942
Jim le justicier (Sundown Jim) 1942
Le Dernier des Duane (Last of the Duanes) 1941
Robbers of the Range 1941
Six pistolets en or (Six-Gun Gold) 1941
Le ranch de l'épouvante (The Range Busters) 1940
Triple justice (Triple justice) 1940
Le Mousquetaire du Ranch (The Fighting Gringo) 1939
Lure of the Wasteland 1939
Le Diable de Mexico (Mexicali Rose) 1939
Les loups hurlent / Terreur Indienne (Overland with Kit Carson) 1939
Wyoming Outlaw 1939
Outlaw Express 1938
Santa Fe Stampede 1938
La Caravane de l'Enfer (The Painted Stallion) 1937
Western Gold 1937
Ghost-Town Gold 1936
Escale à Mexico / Police frontière (The Border patrolman) 1936
El Diablo, cheval sauvage (Comin' round the mountain) 1936
Rainbow Valley 1935
Texas Terror 1935
When a Man Sees Red 1934
Smoky (Smoky / Will James' Smoky) 1933
The Black Ghost 1932
Dernière frontière - Dernière frontière (The Last frontier) 1932

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