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Hal Taliaferro
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Junction City 1952
Horde Sauvage (The Savage Horde) 1950
La Rivière Rouge - La Rivière Rouge (Red River) 1948
The Gallant Legion 1948
The Phantom Rider / Ghost Riders of the West 1946
Plainsman and the Lady / Drumbeats Over Wyoming 1946
Cowboy and the Senorita 1944
Vigilantes of Dodge City 1944
Idaho 1943
Silver Spurs 1943
Song of Texas 1943
Tombstone: The Town Too Tough to Die 1942
Jesse James at Bay 1941
Red River Valley 1941
Cherokee Strip 1940
Colorado 1940
L'attaque de la diligence (The Thundering West) 1939
Guilty Trails 1938
Pioneer Trail 1938
One Man Justice 1937
The Phantom Rider 1936
Fighting Caballero 1935
Powdersmoke Range 1935
Trigger Tom 1935
Double Daring 1926

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