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George Chesebro
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Une veine qui n'a pas de chance (Pals and Gals) 1954
Junction City 1952
The Kid from Amarillo 1951
Night Riders of Montana 1951
Colorado Ranger / Guns of Justice 1950
Crooked River 1950
Gunmen of Abilene 1950
Gunslingers 1950
Salt Lake Raiders 1950
Streets of Ghost Town 1950
Death Valley Gunfighter 1949
Horsemen of the Sierras / Remember Me 1949
La piste sanglante (Trail's End) 1949
Check Your Guns 1948
Le Mystère du ranch El Lobos (Cheyenne takes over) 1947
Homesteaders of Paradise Valley 1947
Vigilantes of Boomtown 1947
Shadow Valley 1947
Black Hills 1947
Days of Buffalo Bill 1946
Gentlemen with Guns 1946
Singin' in the Corn 1946
Stagecoach to Denver 1946
Colorado Pioneers 1945
Gangster's Den 1945
Marshal of Laredo 1945
Sheriff of Cimarron 1945
Trail of Kit Carson 1945
Black Market Rustlers 1943
Blazing Frontier 1943
Boss of Rawhide 1943
Cowboy Commandos 1943
Devil Riders 1943
Le bandit mystérieux (Boot Hill Bandits) 1942
La police montée au combat (Perils of the Royal Mounted) 1942
La Vallee des Hommes Perdus (The Valley of Vanishing Men) 1942
The Pioneers 1941
Le mystère du ranch (Saddle Mountain Roundup) 1941
Pirates de la prairie (Wrangler's Roost / Prairie piracy) 1941
Le vengeur (Billy the Kid Outlawed) 1940
Riders from Nowhere 1940
Chasse aux bandits (West of Pinto Basin) 1940
The Kid from Sante Fe 1940
Rio Grande 1938
Starlight Over Texas 1938
Crime au Far West (Empty Holsters) 1937
Springtime in the Rockies 1937
Courrier vers l'Ouest (Westbound Mail) 1937
Les Vengeurs de Buffalo Bill (Custer's Last Stand) 1936
Roamin' Wild 1936
Fighting Caballero 1935
The Laramie Kid 1935
Border Guns 1934
The Border Menace 1934
Le justicier de santa fe / Les justiciers de Santa Fe (In Old Santa Fe / Down in Old Santa Fe) 1934
Le Démon Noir (Law of the Wild) 1934
Le Mystère du Colorado (Mystery Mountain) 1934
The Kid from Arizona 1931

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