Gene Roth
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Stagecoach to Dancers' Rock 1962
Ghost of Zorro 1959
The Miracle of the Hills 1959
Running Target 1956
Le Traquenard des sans-loi - Le Traquenard des sans-loi (Utah Blaine) 1956
Gold Fever 1952
The Maverick 1952
Le Grand Sombrero (The Big Sombrero) 1949
Sheriff of Wichita 1949
Oklahoma Badlands 1948
Mon héros - Mon héros (A Southern Yankee) 1948
Champion malgré lui (Feudin', fussin' and a-fightin') 1948
Homesteaders of Paradise Valley 1947
Marshal of Cripple Creek 1947
Vendetta au Far West (Beyond the Pecos) 1945

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