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Emmett Lynn
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Elfego l'invincible (The 9 lives of Elfego Baca) 1958
Le Juge Thorne fait sa loi - Tu seras jugé (Stranger on horseback) 1954
The Homesteaders 1953
Northern Patrol 1953
Desert Pursuit 1952
Oklahoma Annie 1952
Sky Full of Moon 1952
Badman's Gold 1951
The Fighting Redhead 1949
Ride, Ryder, Ride! 1949
Grand Canyon Trail 1948
Les Derniers jours de Boot Hill (Last days of Boot Hill) 1947
Oregon Trail Scouts 1947
Du sang dans la sierra (Relentless) 1947
Meurtres chez les trappeurs (Trail of the Mounties) 1947
La Caravane traquée / La Caravane en Détresse (The Caravan Trail) 1946
The Man from Rainbow Valley 1946
Santa Fe Uprising 1946
Stagecoach to Denver 1946
Gangster's Den 1945
Cavalcade vers l'Ouest (Wagon wheels westward) 1945
Frontier Outlaws 1944
Nevada 1944
Outlaws of Santa Fe 1944
Chevauchées en musique (Swing in the saddle) 1944
Blazing Guns 1943
Les Chevaliers du droit (The Law rides again) 1943
The Return of the Rangers 1943
Outlaws of Pine Ridge 1942
Stagecoach Express 1942
Robbers of the Range 1941
The Fargo Kid 1940
Wagon Train 1940

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