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Ed Cassidy
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The Bold Frontiersman 1948
Boothill Brigade 1937
Boots of Destiny 1937
Border Feud 1947
Boss of Rawhide 1943
Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie 1941
Corpus Christi Bandits 1945
Cowboy in the Clouds 1943
Days of Buffalo Bill 1946
Desperadoes' Outpost 1952
Desperadoes of Dodge City 1948
Frontier Outlaws 1944
Gangster's Den 1945
Homesteaders of Paradise Valley 1947
The Idaho Kid 1936
Man from Music Mountain 1938
Oregon Trail Scouts 1947
Prairie Badmen 1946
Ragtime Cowboy Joe 1940
The Red Rope 1937
Riders of Pasco Basin 1940
Robbers of the Range 1941
Rollin' Plains 1938
Roll on Texas Moon 1946
Roughshod 1949
Sagebrush Law 1943
Sheriff of Cimarron 1945
Spook Town 1944
Stagecoach to Denver 1946
Starlight Over Texas 1938
Train to Tombstone 1950
The Utah Trail 1938
Wells Fargo Days 1944
Wyoming Wildcat 1941
The Whispering Skull 1944
Dick le Zorro de Deadwood (Deadwood Dick) 1940
La Chanson du Sud (Way down South) 1939
La Cicatrice fatale (Marked for murder) 1945
La Colonne secrète (King of the Texas Rangers) 1941
La vallée de l'Embuscade (Ambush Valley) 1936
La ville fantôme (Winds of the Wasteland) 1936
Le bandit improvisé (Trailing trouble) 1937
Le Cavalier de l'Arizona (Silver on the sage) 1938
Le Cavalier vengeur (The Avenging rider) 1942
Le Courrier de la mort (The Pinto bandit) 1944
Le Démon de la prairie (Hit the saddle) 1937
Le Fils de Zorro (Son of Zorro) 1946
Le Retour de Buffalo Bill (Buffalo Bill Rides Again) 1947
Le Retour de Cheyenne (Cheyenne Rides Again) 1937
Le rocher de la mort (Santa Fe bound) 1936
Les Cloches de Rosarita (Bells of Rosarita) 1945
Les trois cavaliers (Three in the Saddle) 1945
Panique au Far West (Cattle Stampede) 1943

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