Allan Lane
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Le Diable dans la peau (Hell bent for leather) 1960
L'Implacable poursuite - Le Rénégat (The Saga of Hemp Brown) 1958
Bandits of the West 1953
El Paso Stampede 1953
Marshal of Cedar Rock 1953
Savage Frontier 1953
Black Hills Ambush 1952
Captive of Billy the Kid 1952
Desperadoes' Outpost 1952
Thundering Caravans 1952
Desert of Lost Men 1951
Fort Dodge Stampede 1951
Night Riders of Montana 1951
[Série TV]
Red Ryder 1951
Saison 1
Code of the Silver Sage 1950
Covered Wagon Raid 1950
Gunmen of Abilene 1950
Rustlers on Horseback 1950
Salt Lake Raiders 1950
Trail of Robin Hood 1950
Vigilante Hideout 1950
Bandit King of Texas 1949
La Mine maudite (Death Valley gunfighter) 1949
Frontier Investigator / Frontier Marshall 1949
Navajo Trail Raiders 1949
Powder River Rustlers 1949
Sheriff of Wichita 1949
The Bold Frontiersman 1948
The Denver Kid 1948
Desperadoes of Dodge City 1948
Marshal of Amarillo 1948
Oklahoma Badlands 1948
Renegades of Sonora 1948
Sundown in Santa Fe 1948
Bandits of Dark Canyon 1947
Homesteaders of Paradise Valley 1947
Marshal of Cripple Creek 1947
Oregon Trail Scouts 1947
Vigilantes of Boomtown 1947
Santa Fe Uprising 1946
Stagecoach to Denver 1946
Les Cloches de Rosarita (Bells of Rosarita) 1945
Corpus Christi Bandits 1945
The Topeka Terror 1945
Trail of Kit Carson 1945
Sheriff of Sundown 1944
Silver City Kid 1944
La Diligence de Monterey (Stagecoach to Monterey) 1944
Les Casse-cou de l'Ouest (Daredevils of the West) 1943
Le Faucon jaune (King of the Mounties) 1942
Le roi de la Police Montée (King of the Royal Mounted) 1940
The Law West of Tombstone 1938

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